Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wallflower Christmas ~ Lisa Kleypas

Rafe Bowman older brother to Lillian and Daisy two of the wallflowers is coming to England for Christmas. His father is playing matchmaker and insist he marry Natalie Hannah Applegate was sent by Natalie's father to visit with Rafe, his sister's and their friends to prepare the way for Natalie. Hannah disliked him immediately, but she knew for her cousin she must try his manner's were horrible and very outspoken. Rafe is infatuated with Hannah and kisses her before she leaves, which leaves her in a state of shock.

Hannah returns to Natalie and they begin to pack to join Rafe and his family for Christmas, she does not disclose the kiss to her cousin, but deep down feels that the match will not work. Her cousin intends to marry him no matter how horrid Hannah describes him. I hated the way Natalie treated Hannah she came across as a “goody-goody” who was helping her poor cousin, I did not like Natalie and was glad the story did not revolve around her. Once they arrive Rafe is constantly pursing Hannah and although she refuses to have anything to do with him, she begins to fall in love with him. Natalie tries to get Rafe alone she wants to be kissed by him and wants him to wed her. Hannah begins to feel jealous of their relationship, since she is not as pretty and does not have the money she knows she would never marry anyone like Rafe.

I have been looking forward to reading this book, the cover is lovely and I was so looking forward to the reunion of the wallflowers. The story was to short, therefore no depth into Rafe or Hannah the main characters. I enjoyed Rafe and Hannah, but hated their story was over so quick I feel the book was rushed and the story over much to fast. The wallflowers had small stories that were summed up to fast. I felt the story needed more meat so I only rate it a 3.

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