Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prince of Darkness ~ Sharon Kay Penman

The last book on Justin de Quincey, or maybe not but is currently last book. Lady Claudine summons Justin on behalf of Prince John who needs his assistance. Justin is upset but he is the Queen's Man and believes she would want him to assist John. Someone is plotting against Prince John they claim that they have a letter where he has planned to kill his brother Richard, he needs Justin's help in proving the document is a forgery. Justin and Durand set out to prove John's innocence, but stumble upon dead monks and a lady who is deeply involved in this conspiracy against John. Immediately suspicion falls on Justin and Durand when they are discovered with the bodies, they quickly invent a story to get away. The plot thickens as to who you can trust and who is behind the murders.

Another great blend of secondary characters I loved how finally Justin was partnered with his nemesis, Durand who unknown to John is loyal to the Queen, and in the prvious books there was lots of tension between these two, but to see how they come together to unravel the plot against John is great.

I hope she writes another story with this great characters.

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Amy said...

I have these books in my TBR...so glad to hear that you like them! Penman is such a spectacular writer.