Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Only in Your Arms ~ Lisa Kleypas

I read the book titled Only in Your Arms, but it was re-published under the title When Strangers Marry which I think is a better title.

Lysette is on her way to New Orleans to marry a man she loathes, but her stepfather has arranged the marriage which her mother, sister and aunt all inform her she has no choice but to do her duty and marry this man. Lysette arrives to find the man more appalling then she remembered and decides to run away. Lysette does not get very far when she is discovered by twin brothers Justin and Phillipe, who hand her over to their father Maximillien Vallerand.
Lysette begs them to not return her and once Max realizes who she is to wed his mortal enemy he agrees she can stay, and he quickly realizes he can use her to seek revenge. Max confides this to his mother and ask her to organize a wedding for him and Lysette. Max's mother is against the marriage, but knows she will not be able to stop her son, but she will let Lysette know that Max is suspected of murdering his first wife, Corrine Vallerand.
The enjoyed the love story of Max and Lysette, and the great mystery and suspense of what happened to his first wife and why she was a pawn in this revenge game. I normally do not read many novels written about early American, but I do enjoy stories based in the great city of New Orleans. I will begin the next book which is Only With Your Love which is based on Max's two son's.

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RandiLyn said...

This is one of my favorites by Lisa Kleypas. It's not as popular as her others. Have you read 'Only with Your Love'? It's about Max's son also really good!