Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Wedding ~ Julie Garwood

This book is the 2nd book of a series, but can be read alone. Alec and Jamie Kincaid are secondary characters in this story. Lady Brenna and Connor MacAlister first met when she was a little girl and at that time proposed to him. Brenna is on her way from England to Scotland to marry a man she has never met, Connor's enemy. Connor has been seeking revenge for his father's death and plans to intercept his bride since she proposed to him when she young. When Connor arrives she stands her ground and will not leave to marry him, but he lives choice in order to save her father's men who were guarding her she agrees to marry him.
Connor and Brenna do not see eye to eye on how a wife she act, I enjoy how Brenna constantly defies him and does as she pleases all the while she is also eager to please her husband, his staff, his men and even his stepmother. Connor is a strong and keeps his feelings deep inside he lost his mother when he was young and new the heartache his father suffered from the loss. He attempts to keep Brenna `in line' but in the end always relents.
His two trusted men Quinlan and Crispin are great and seem to enjoy the way Brenna does not back down from their laird. Brenna is looking forward to arriving at her new home and meeting her step mother, who Connor is also excited to see her. Brenna is shocked to see how her new home looks, and sets out to make things look more like a home, but her stepmother and her son have other ideas they set out to destroy all her plans and make her feel inferior in her own home, instead of seeking her husbands assistance she takes matters into her own hands and things go from bad to worse.A great love story with some great secondary characters, I enjoyed the humor in the story and Brenna's determination to win Connor over.

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Holly said...

This is one of my favorite old-school Garwood's. There's just something so compelling about Connor. I heart him.