Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brave the Wild Wind ~ Johanna Lindsey

I don't read a lot of stories that take place in America, but this challenge read a book that took place in Montana and this one in Wyoming and I did not realize until halfway through, I had it marked as part of a series. When Kenneth Jesse Blair was born his father could not have been happier until a few weeks later the midwife finally admitted the baby was a girl, and the baby became known as Jessie. Raised by her father alone since he beat her mother almost to death when he found her with a man. Jessie was raised as the son he never had and was taught to despise her mother she runs the ranch better then most men, and when her father dies her father makes her mother guardian over her and comes to the ranch to live for awhile with her son Billy and friend Chase Summers.

Jessie is not happy with her mother's interference or this Chase person. Jessie, runs away to her Indian friends they have always been kind and treated her as a woman. Chase nor her mother are happy about her association with the Indians and Chase goes to find her and bring her home. There is an attraction between these two and Chase finds himself falling into love with her. Jessie makes it clear that neither him nor her mother are wanted there and wishes they would leave, but they both love her and want to help her, but how do they convince her of that.

This is a different story and some surprises along the way the book in some places I would rate a 2 and others 5+, I enjoyed Jessie's story and her heartache. I rate this book a 4.

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