Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kiss the Bride ~ Patricia Cabot

We begin in London, 1832 the heroine Emma Van Court wants to marry Stuart Chesterton, a very religious minded man. Emma intends to make her plans known to James Marbury, Earl of Denham. James is not all happy about the idea of Emma marrying his cousin. He does not believe Stuart will be able to support them. Emma gets no support from her family either to be married to a curator so her and Stuart elope and move to Scottish Hebrides.

When James receives word that Stuart died six months ago he immediately goes to Scotland to arrange for his remains to be returned to London. When James arrives he finds Emma barely making a living as a school teacher. Emma is distraught over James coming to remove her husband’s remains she persuades him to return to London. While James returns to the town to have a meal he soon learns that the man that killed Stuart left in his will a large sum of money to Emma once she marries again. He pays her a visit at the school to find a man trying to force her into marriage. James comes to her rescue and spends the night at her home.

The next day he decides to call out this man, when they arrive at his run down castle he finds Emma already there and she comes between the two men, after some arguing James offers to marry her for protection and tells her in private once she has her money she can have an annulment.

The events happen quickly the book is a fast enjoyable read. I also discovered halfway through the book that Patricia Cabot writes as Meg Cabot the young adult author. I enjoyed the book and give it 4 Stars and look forward to reading her other novels

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