Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Charming the Prince ~ Teresa Medeiros

Story begins in 1347 England with a young and eager Lady Willow of Bedlington waiting by her father’s side for his new wife Lady Blanche and her new mother. Willow has always wanted a mother to love and is certain Lady Blanche will be excited to have a daughter. Lady Blanche finally arrives, but no alone to Willow’s surprise she already has children of her own. Willow is not at all welcomed into the blended family she is out casted by her stepmother and her new brothers and sisters treat her horribly.

It is now 1360 in England and Sir Bannor the Bold has returned from the war with father of 12 motherless children he sends out his trusted friend to find a woman who likes children, but is homely looking so he want be lured into her bed to produce more children. He returns with Lady Willow who is not at all homely but beautiful. Willow had been without love for so long she yearns for her prince and wants Bannor to be him.

Willow learns of his reputation fathering several children out of wedlock and does not believe he will ever truly love her. Willow is determined to have the love of her husband all to herself so she seeks out the town whore for assistance.

Willow bonds with the children, and with their help tries to capture Bannor’s heart, but is disappointed when yet another baby arrives at the castle who Bannor claims as his own. What can Willow do to win his heart? A nice heartwarming book really enjoyed the theme and the children. 4 Stars

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