Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Bride and The Beast ~ Teresa Medeiros

When she was younger Gwendolyn Wilder dreams of being swept off her feet by Bernard McCullough, the heir to succeed as the laird of Ballybliss. Disaster strikes and someone betrays his father the castle is attacked and no survivors are left.

Fifteen years later Gwendolyn still leaves in Ballybiss where she takes care of her father and sisters. Although Gwendolyn never believed in Dragons the town did and recently discovered a letter left by him, which they approach Gwendolyn and have her read his current demands. The Dragon ask for more food and now money, the town believe they can chase him away with a virgin sacrifice and the only person that fits that description is Gwendolyn.

The town takes her ties her up and leaves her for the Dragon, when the he appears out of the mist she faints. He takes her back to his lair where he pampers her never revealing his face. She becomes quickly becomes attracted to him and the mystery surrounding this façade of his. He wants to tell her the truth, but decides he cannot the town people soon discover that he is a man and come to capture him. Gwendolyn persuades him to go on without her she will stall them, he leaves but returns in time to rescue her again from the people and he decides to reveal himself to her. Betrayed and heartbroken she leaves, but can the Dragon make her understand his motives and maker her love him again.

I enjoyed most of the book a few disappointments.

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