Friday, November 21, 2008

Trans Siberian Orchestra

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Last night me and my friends attended our second TSO concert and had a blast. The show is specular very entertaining and lots of energy. The concert started around 8pm and it was non-stop till almost 11pm. I have always enjoyed their CD's and we decided last year to attend the show again.

The music and the light/laser show is unbelievable. The first half plays lots of traditional Christmas songs with electric guitars, an electric violin, drums, keyboards and a small orchestra and a narrator who is awesome telling a Christmas story. The blend of classic Christmas songs and metal were unique and great way to spice up the traditional songs we have heard hundred's of times.

The light show is amazing the lights dance along with the music so no matter where you are at in the arena you will see an amazing show. I would recommend to everyone if you have never saw the show live to check it out
Trans Siberian Orchestra

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