Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winter Challenge 08

1. Reader’s Choice Place any book here
The Queen's Dragon: Shana Abe
2. Book that was read and Reviewed in the Fall Challenge
The Smoke Thief: Shana Abe
3. Read a book that has a “D” word in it for December
The Dream Theif: Shana Abe
4. Read a book that has an arranged marriage or Marriage of Convenience
The Perfect Wife: Victoria Alexander
5. For Valentines Day, read a book that has love, kiss or heart in the title
Forbidden Love: Karen Robards
6. Read a book by Lisa Kleypas
Only in Your Arms
7. A book that makes you think about Christmas
The Christmas Heiress: Adrienne Basso
8. A title that has 4 words in it
9. Read a story that has a military or civil servant (firefighter/cop/fbi/clan chief/commander) in it –can be any genre
Prisoner of My Desire: Johanna Lindsey
10. Read a book that has a Viking or Pirate in it!
Only With your Love: Lisa Kleypas
11. Pick a book that was first published in 2008
Wallflower Christmas: Lisa Kleypas
12. Read a series (Harlequin or Sillehoutte)
Reckless: Shannon Drake
13. Read a book that the author has 3 names (ie Susan Elizabeth Phillips/ Karen Marie Moning)
Prince of Darkness Sharon Kay Penman
14. For the New Year-Pick a book that has been in your TBR pile for a long time --Out w/ the old in w/ the new!
Daughter's of the Grail: Elizabeth Chadwick
15. Read a book that has a “W” word for Winter
Wicked: Shannon Drake

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