Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The story takes place in colonial times (1784) in Kentucky. The book begins with Linnet Blanche Tyler and her parents who left England for the American countryside. They are raided by Indians who steal the children and kill the parents. Unknown to them Linnet is not a child but a grown woman, when the Indians realize the mistake they made they are mad and begin to torture Linnet. She is soon rescued by Devon "Mac" Macalister and in return all he wants from her is to learn to read, which I don’t think ever happened.

He takes her to a small settlement Sweetbriar where we meet several characters including Devon’s cousin Cord. An incident with Cord and Linnet leaves her almost dead, her I was appalled that she gets no sympathy from Devon due to his jealousy. Linnet finally has enough of his rubbish and leaves town and possibly carrying Devon’s child. Many events transpire which makes the story an interesting and quick read.

The novel was up and down, for me I felt no emotion the characters are under developed, I did not like Mac at all in the story, even with a few good qualities they never made up for the treatment of Linnet. His anger and jealousy controlled him and never redeemed himself in my opinion. I wanted more of a background on both main characters and not so much fighting.I give it 2 Stars.

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