Saturday, June 14, 2008

Read my first book in Christina Dodd's The Lost Princesses series, reading this book was like a breath of fresh air since the last few books have been duds great choice for a summer read. This book has it all from suspense, damager, mystery, love, strong woman, and a hero and the old men in the village are a great set of characters.

We learn in the prologue that three princesses (all sisters) are exiled into England and lose contact with each other and their country. The Prince of Richarte sets out to find the three princesses, but before he does he makes a bargain once he returns them all he will choose one to marry.An enchanting beauty rides into the town of Freya Crags her name is Princesses Clarice she has come to sell her potions to make women beautiful and appealing. Robert MacKenzie the Earl of Hepburn, is wary of this exquisite stranger, but she stirs emotions in him that have been dead for years. Although, not sure if she is being honest about being a princess he intends to use her in his scheme of revenge.

Soon we are introduced to another great characters Robert's sister Millicent. Also, we meet Clarice's younger sister Amy, who has a minor roll in this story. I could not wait to read the next page to find out what was going to happen next. Why did Robert want Clarice to pretend to be someone she was not, who was this hero Ogley, and the mysterious man sneaking outside Robert's home. I do hope to some of the characters show up in the next book, which I cannot wait to read.

I read another series by Dodd that was OK, but so far this one rates very high and I cannot wait for the next story..... 5 STARS

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