Thursday, June 5, 2008

As the title suggests the book is about “The Pretenders” Baron Reeve of Ormsby, Earl of Cambridge and Deborah “Deb” who pretended they were engaged so that Reeve could get his hands on his inheritance. I cannot “Pretend” I liked the book, I kept reading in hopes something would happen, but I was greatly disappointed.
Reeve lost both parents and his father appointed his Uncle guardian over his estate and finances until he felt he was responsible. Well Reeve could not keep himself from visiting the gambling rooms or betting on horse races in which he entered his own horse and ended up not finishing the race and owing money that his Uncle did not want to pay out. In order to insure his uncle would pay off his debts he needed to get married.
Once he discusses his dilemma to Deb she agrees to pretend an engagement, her mother supports her since Reeve has always been so good to them since her mother only gets a small allowance from her step-brother.
The story has great potential but fails miserably, no chemistry between the two main characters. There are parts left out of the story, and I don’t understand why some of the things happened. There is only one book I have not finished reading during my lifetime of reading and this was almost the second, I just felt obligated to finish.
I give it ONE STAR.

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