Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Bride Most Begrudging

This was my first Christine novel, and it seems I am in the minority on this one so many 5 stars and I say 2 ½, it was highly overrated so my expectations were high, but quickly slashed.

I did enjoy the plot and it was a quick read. The story begins as Lady Constance Morrow sneaks onboard a ship leaving England for the American Colonies, to say good-bye to her uncle, but finds herself kidnapped. Constance is not to worried once she arrives and lets them know who she is she will be safely returned home.

When she arrives she finds her self being sold to farmer Drew O’Connor, who needs a maid. Constance demands to be returned to England to her father, but Drew does not listen. Soon the people of the town learn she is leaving with Drew unmarried and demands he marries her, which he does and promises Constance he will not consummate the marriage. He sends Josh his brother to England to collaborate her story, and when he returns she can have the marriage annulled.

Drew soon learns that his maid now wife knows nothing about cooking or cleaning only that she can do some difficult math problems and sew. Somehow these two become attacked to each other, but I never figured out how this happened. Other reviews mention lust, well did not get that impression either.

Also, the brother Josh could have his own story I was more intrigued with him and his character. Josh mentioned the love of his life and he was planning on marrying her, but on his visit to England to find Constance’s family he found the love of his life in the arm’s of another man. If there was a book written with Josh I may consider giving the author another chance since this was her first novel.

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Becky said...

I'm sorry this one disappointed you. While I know most people are too busy to give authors a second chance when the first novel doesn't impress, I have read all of her novels...and in my (humble) opinion, each one keeps getting better and better.