Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer Reading Challenge

June 1st-August 31, 2008 Read 5, 10 or 15 books for this challenge:

1. Title includes name of flower: The Orchid Hunger-Jill Marie Landis
2. Title includes the word “LOVE”: The Love Knot-Elizabeth Chadwick
3. Title that has a wedding word: The Prince Kidnaps A Bride Christina Dodd

4. Title with a Color word: Silver Angel-Johanna Lindsey
5. Book with a ONE word title: Sweetbriar-Jude Deveraux
6. Read one new author: Venetia Georgette Heyer
7. Title that includes Prince or Princess: The Barefoot Princess Christina Dodd
8. Title with a jewel: Sapphire - Rosemary Rogers
9. Title with a word that makes you think of summer: A Summer to Remeber Mary Balogh
10. Title includes a “W” word: Wild Orchids-Jude Deveraux
11. Title that includes a number: First Lady Susan Elizabeth Phillips
12. Title with a Time: Some Enchanted Evening Christinia Dodd

13. Title with Lord or Lady: For My Lady's Heart-Laura Kinsale
14. Author first or last name begins with “J” for June/July: The Pretenders-Joan Wolf
15. Author first or last name begins with “A” for August
Only To Decieve-Tasha Alexander

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