Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kat Martin is one of my favorite historical romance authors, so I had not qualms about purchasing a contemporary with her name.

The story begins when Allie's best friend is killed on a yacht, and she believes it is no accident. With the investigation going no where she decides to take matters into her own hands. She sneaks aboard another boat owned by the same person, and before she realizes what is going on the boat is heading out to sea. She overheard talk about a mysterious shipment that she believes is drugs and that must have been why her friend was murdered. Soon she is discovered by one of the three men, and comes face to face with Jake Dawson. Jake decides he wants her to himself so has her locked into his room.

Alli, who attempts escape is stopped dead in her tracks by the handsome Jake who she assumes will have his way with her. Jake's only interest is to keep her from the other two men. Allie is furious she is being held and again attempts escape but Jake again comes to her rescue.

Jake informs her that he wants to help her escape, but the other two men have their own plans, she needs to trust him. Soon they end up in the hot jungles of Mexico running for their lives.

The story starts of with a bang, the middle is to long and Allie gets on my nerves. The last few chapters the story picks back up and ends nicely.

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Holly said...

This was the first KM book I read, and I felt about the same way you did. Not the best read EVAH, but not horrible either.

Good review.