Sunday, August 12, 2007

This was a fun quick read, Fern Michael's is a first time author for me and I would read her again.
Olivia lives alone and work out of her home as a dog photographer. The richest dog in America, Cecil shows up to have his photo taken, his lawyer and caretaker Jeff Bannerman decides to leave him with her overnight.
Olivia who always believed her mother died when she was born gets the shock of her life when a lawyer tells her not only did her mom die less then two weeks ago, but her she is to inherit her estate worth millions. Her mother has written a letter asking her to do her favor and find two of her friends from college, so they can all make a wrong a right.
Olivia has no interest in accepting her inheritance or running her mother's mail order catalog business, she is left upset and unsure as to what to do. Her father lied to her for all of these years, her dead mother wants her to find two old friends that she committed a crime with over 40 years ago.
Olivia and Jeff become fast friends and helps her uncover the mystery surrounding her mothers crime and finding her friends. Although, I like both Olivia and Jeff I found no chemistry between the two to have any kind of relationship.


MissDaisyAnne said...

Just passing through to read your site and say hello. I have been out of pocket so to speak, we recently moved.

Annie said...

Hey thanks for joining the challenge! I've set up a yahoo group to discuss the novels if you want to join. It's called the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge Group. If you like I can send you out an invite?

I've bought a couple of Elizabeth Chadwicks to read for the challenge. I love the book covers!