Monday, August 6, 2007

This story starts with Jordan Donovan "JD" Harris who worked as a special force medic. On Christmas Eve as the President of the United States is coming to visit the wounded. Before JD can blink in a moment everything for him changes, when he puts his life on the line for the President. Overnight JD becomes a true American Hero and his life is no longer his own.

The media exploits him in every light from his saddened childhood with his reformed alcoholic mother who has a relapse due to the meida. Also, with his good looks women are calling 911 and committing stupid acts to be saved by him, that actually lands one woman in the hospital on her death bed.

JD cannot take this anymore, so his friend Sam has a cottage up on the lake that is remote and out of the way so JD turns to solitude for the summer hoping the media will lose interest in him.

Kate Livingston single mother to nine year old Aaron has recently been fired from her job as a fashion editor and with school out for the summer heads to her family vacation cottage to escape life herself.

I was actually enjoyed the story until these two meet up immediately there is no chemistry between Kate and JD, the interactions with Aaron are more real. The book is to long and
spends to much time on everyday happenings that don't mean anything to me.

This is my first contemporary by her, but I will give her others a try.

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