Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This series only gets better and better with every book, I could not put this book down. The story of Evie and St Vincent was breathtaking.

Evie, who was raised by her dead mother’s family, will do anything to receive sanctuary and protection from their abuse and to visit her dying father, a notorious gaming club owner.

The hardened rake St. Vincent who was so desperate to marry for money that he kidnapped Evie’s wallflower friend Lillian in It Happened one Autumn, and failed. So why would Evie go to him? Well sometimes desperate situations, cause for desperate measures.

Evie goes to and ask St Vincent to marry her pronto, she pleads with him that she wants so badly to see her father but each time she attempts to escape to see him they bring her back and beat her. St Vincent who is dire need of funds agrees to the marriage, because when her father dies Evie will be a wealthy woman.

Well they say opposite’s attract and in this relationship they do more then that. Evie wants nothing further to do with St. Vincent after their wedding night she is afraid she will in fall and love with him and he will break her heart, but he does not want to let her go so easy. He escorts her to her fathers gaming club and realizes since his illness the club has been loosing money, so he quickly takes over and makes changes, and he begins to take more notice of Evie and begins to genuinely care for her. He decides he wants them to behave as husband and wife, well Evie is very reluctant to this and decides she will on one condition, and that is that he can remain
From having relations with other females and become monogamous.

Can St Vincent remain faithful to Evie? Who will be the first to break their deal? You will have to read and find out, if Evie is able to tame this rakish man into a loving faithful husband.

I give this book Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket STARS

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