Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today was an awesome day to finish up this book mid July here but could be mistaken as an early autumn as nice as the weather was.

The book was also awesome. This is the 2nd book in the Wallflower Series and the story of Lord Westcliff (Marcus) and Lillian.

Lillian and her sister Daisy were born in America, and their mother wants them to both marry aristocrats. Lillian who does not think it possible visits a apothecary and he offers her an aphrodisiac, of course she does not believe in such things, until....... she is kissed unexpectedly by Lord Westcliff then she believes, but is it the aphrodisiac or is it love?

These two are very headstrong and neither want to believe they could be falling in love, so they deny their attraction to each other and their friends. The plot moves along quickly with Marcus believing Lillian is all wrong for him, while she is busy spending her time with the scandalous Lord St. Vincent. Marcus does not approve of the pair, regardless Lillian proceeds to pursue him as a possible husband.

Soon Lord Westcliff's mother The Countess learns that Marcus plans to ask for Lillian's hand in marriage. The Countess will not stand for the union. Lord St. Vincent soon becomes a pawn to stop the marriage from happening.

I enjoyed this book more then the first book in the series. Both Marcus and Lillian are enjoyable characters who keep you reading to see what happens next.


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Ms. Place said...

You've absolutely listed all my favorite romance authors. Kudos for a wonderful site.