Thursday, July 26, 2007

Scandal in Spring

This is the last story in the wallflower series. Daisy the youngest wallflower, and sister to Lillian, still has not had an offer in marriage. Her father gives her an ultimatum, if she does not find a husband within 2 months then she will marry an American Matthew Swift who works for her father's soap company.

Matthew is secretly in love with Daisy and has been for years and never dreamed he would have a chance with her, an American Heiress. Not only does he harbour a secret love for Daisy, but he has other secrets.

Daisy is totally caught off guard by Matthew her last memories of him were skinny, and not all attractive so when she encouters him by the wishing well she is overwhemled by his handsome looks. She is also torn by the fact her sister is not in agreement with the match.

Matthew's secrets soon catch up with him, will they be the end of him and Daisy, does she remain a wallfower. Don't miss reading the last book in the series.


MissDaisyAnne said...

I am visiting your site for the first time, I know you through shelfari. Love your picture of P&P scene on you shelfari page, my favorite movie. I will be a regular visiting again and again. I read historical romance also, but this summer I'm reading poetry, I'm reading Shakespeare now. My sites are and
Thanks, MissDaisyAnne

Melanie said...
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