Wednesday, August 1, 2007

First time author for me, look forward to reading her other novels.
This was a wonderful story of love and sacrifice. Lady Sarah is in love with Justin Tolbert. Circumstances separate them, Justin is off to war and Lady Sarah goes after her sister Amelia.

Lady Sarah watches her sister die giving birth to an illegitimate son, Andrew. The shame her sister felt at having a child out of wedlock was so great that on her deathbed she made Sarah promise to never reveal the secret of Andrew's birth to anyone.

Sarah returns home with the baby, and her promise to her sister will cost her dearly. Sarah writes to Justin to call of their engagement. Justin finally returns home after four years fighting in the war not only has he lost his fiancee, but his family estate and is debt and he lost the lower part of his leg.

Soon Justin meets up with Drew who is being tormented by other boys. Drew is quickly drawn to Justin and begins to think of him as a hero. Justin soon learns the reason why Sarah sent him the letter and is shocked that she is not married.

Sarah hates that she cannot be honest about Drew's mother, but she will not break her promise to her dear sister. She finally does offer to help Justin with the debt he inherited from his father and brother, but with a catch they must marry so he will become a role model for Drew.

I feel for Sarah and could not put the book down, I wanted her to tell Justin the truth, but I also admired her loyalty to protect her sisters memory.

I give this book: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSTARS

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