Sunday, November 30, 2008

~ Medieval Challenge~

The challenge runs between 8th August 2008 and 8th February 2009.
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You therefore have 6 months to complete this challenge You can join anytime. You can read modern Medieval novels, non fiction, classic texts, plays and even watch a film as part of the choose!

There are three levels to the challenge - you choose your own level.

1: Serf* Read 3 Medieval texts
2. Gentry* Read 5 Medieval texts
3. Royalty* Read 6 Medieval texts

I am going for *Royalty* the books I plan to read (or have read)
1. The Queen's Man by Sharon Kay Penman (9/17/08)
2. Cruel As the Grave by Sharon Kay Penman (10/14/08)
3. Dragon's Lair by Sharon Kay Penman (11/30/08)
4. Prince of Darkness by Sharon Kay Penman (12/9/08)
5. The Falcons of Montabard or A Place Beyond Courage by Elizabeth Chadwick
6. Undecided

Thanks to Lynda for hosting this and letting me join.


Marg said...

I am doing this challenge as well! Welcome aboard.

The Holistic Knitter said...

Nice choices ;0)