Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Midnight Bride Susan Carroll

The third and final book in the St. Leger Series. The story focuses on the youngest twin son of Anatole and Madeline St. Leger, Dr. Valentine "Val" St. Leger born on Valentines Day. He has a gift that enable him to draw pain from others, but when he used this on his twin brother he was not able to control the power and it left him crippled. Val was told by the bride finder Effie Fitzleger that he did not have a chosen bride, although he was disappointed he accepted his fate never to marry.

Kate Fitzleger, adopted daughter of Effie was in love with Val he was her teacher, friend, and confidante and she knew in her heart that she would marry Val. Kate was shocked when Val turned her down, she was so broken-hearted she knew what she had to do. Kate took it upon herself to visit the ghost of the St. Leger's, Prospero St. Leger in hopes to cast a love spell on Val. Although, Kate new the warnings of marrying a St. Leger that was not chosen by the bride finder would mean death for her, but Kate was sure that was a myth. Kate took a book of spells against Prospero's warnings and chose All Hallows Eve to cast her spell. That night the lightening flashed and thunder roared, and unknown to Kate many things changed.

What happens to Val becomes a mystery to Kate, he was always so kind and thoughtful but now has this dark side that she cannot explained. In another part of the country the family rival Rafe Mortmain has also been affected somehow his dark side has gone, and he now has feelings that he cannot explain. Victor a cousin of Val who has never even looked at Kate is now crazy in love with her. Kate is so distraught over this she seeks out the ghost Prospero again who explains she will have to wait for 30 days before she can undo the spell on these men.

The story is so fast paced, you cannot wait to read what happens next. This book was a great read, but the first story is still my favorite of the three.

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Marg said...

Have you read any of the books in the series that starts with The Dark Queen. Really, really good.