Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tatiana and Alexander - Paullinja Simons

*** SPOILER ALERT**** Second book please see review for first book here:
The Bronze Horseman

Luckily this book was already out when I discovered this series I could not wait to continue the story of Tatiana and Alexander. Again I was so captured by the love story of these two and in this sequel Alexander tells the story and what a story.

The Leningrad war is still in progress and Tatiana who is carrying Alexander's child flees to America. Tatiana tries to start a new life gets a job and makes friends, but she cannot forget the love of her life Alexander who she believes is dead. Unknown to her he sits in a prison awaiting execution.

Tatiana has information that Alexander may still be alive, so she returns to find Alexander. Again these two endure more life struggles and find themselves in some scary situations.

I am always skeptical about a series, but without a doubt this story was as intriguing and I was so drawn in again to the characters. Again 5 Stars

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