Friday, October 17, 2008

The Night Drifter - Susan Carroll

I could not wait to read the 2nd book of The Bride Finder series this book begins with the two of the children from our main characters in book one, Lancelot the eldest twin son and heir has returned from the war and his parents are away and he is left in charge. Lance would rather not have these responsibilities, but oldest son it is his responsibility. The story begins with the loss of the St. Leger Bride Sword - a priceless family heirloom that gets passed on to the brides found for St. Leger men by the Bride Finder.

Lance, like most St Leger family he also has a power which is to separate his soul from his mortal body and night drift. Thinking this a great way to search for the stolen sword he happens upon a young widow Rosalind, who believes him to be Sir Lancelot de Luc of King Arthur's Round Table. Rather than let her know the truth he plays along with her and tells her he is looking for a missing sword, which is part truth.

Rosalind visits Effie Fitzleger, granddaughter of the original Bride Finder Lance shows up with his brother Val to seek her assistance in finding a bride for Val. Effie is hit with a feeling for a bride not for Val, but for Lance, who happens to be Rosalind. She does not recognize Lance as her nightly apparition and wants no part of this reputed St. Leger rakehell.

Lance decides to continue as Sir Lancelot at night in order to convince her to give Lance St. Leger a chance to redeem himself during the day.

Susan Carroll develops another mystery, and explores into the ghost Prospero, I believe his the remainder of his story will come out in the last book. Carroll has given us a new plot with interesting characterizations, but the book was enjoyable and I liked the characters, but somewhat slower then the first book. Eager to story book three.

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