Friday, October 17, 2008

The Bride Finder- Susan Carroll

Anatole St. Leger who has special powers is a descendant of some interesting family members. Anatole carries some emotional scars from his childhood along with the visible scar on his forehead. He knows he needs to marry and contacts the Bride Finder, who selects all the St. Leger’s brides. If the bride is not chosen by the Bride Finder he will be cursed as his father was who did not follow tradition. He is very stern with the requirements of his bride and makes a list. Unknown to Anatole the resident ghost Prospero switches the list.

The bride, Madeline, and her cousin arrive from London and are soon greeted at the front door by Anatole, who immediately grabs the cousin and kisses her passionately. In shock the cousin flees and leaves Madeline alone to face her husband who in no way resembles the photo in the locket she carries around her neck given to her by the Bride Finder. Madline is left to wonder did she do the right thing should she flee as her cousin or stay and try to fall in love. Her visions of prince charming sweeping her off her feet are fading fast.

Madeline struggles to reach deep within Anatole to discover his dark past, while Anatole struggles to keep the past a secret.

The story has it all twist, mystery, suspense, interesting characters, magic and a beautiful romance. I love it when I find new authors to read, I cannot wait to read the remaining 2 in the series.

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Marg said...

Susan Carroll is a great author. I particularlly love the series that starts with The Dark Queen.