Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Prince Kidnaps a Bride

I have finished The Missing Princesses Series and was eager to read Sorcha's story the oldest of the three sisters, and I was not disappointed. This book had me from the first page, again Dodd brings action, mystery and a wonderful romance to life in this book.
Sorcha has been hidden away in a remote convent for her safety, but a mysterious fisherman rows to shore and a fire starts that quickly puts her life in jeopardy so a plan is constructed to get her back home. Prince Rainger disguised as the fisherman called Arnou, plans to escort Sorcha to her homeland, but is surprised to find she has left with another.
Sorcha disguised as a boy has no idea that Prince Rainger is alive and following her, when he is able to catch up with her he is still disguised as the fisherman, but something is familiar about him. They continue on, but soon she finds herself more comfortable with him and they share a kiss, Sorcha wants more, but Rainger wants her to have it all so he want allow their feelings to go to far.
The two end up in a village of where people from both Richarte and Beaumontagne live. Sorcha still disguised as a man does not fool the people they know who she and the fisherman really are. In order to share the same room, they must wed unknown to Sorcha this is actually a royal wedding.
Eventually she finds out the identity of the fisherman and is very distraught. They return to Beaumontagne, where things are still in turmoil. The man who locked Rainger up for eight years still rules Richarte.
Again, I enjoyed this story the characters romance is more genuine and enjoyable. I felt so many emotions reading this story and enjoyed the whole cast. I was happy the third book was good as the first in the series. FIVE STARS *****

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