Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Barefoot Princess Christina Dodd

The second book in The Lost Princesses series and tells the story of Amy the middle sister who left her sister Clarice in Scotland in the first book. This story was also great with some mystery and danger. The love story itself fell flat for me in the middle of the book, not much chemistry between Jermyn Marquess of Northcliff. The secondary characters were wonderful.

Amy who washes up on shore and is found by Miss Victorine, and soon finds out how poor her living conditions her and everyone else is due to the lack of funding from the Marquess. Amy kidnaps him and shackles him in the basement of Miss Victorine's cottage. They soon send a ransom to his Uncle Harrison in order to help locals regain their losses. To their dismay the uncle refuses to pay the ransom.

Jermyn is surprised to learn his captures are the dear Miss Victorine and an unknown female companion. He has never trusted women since his mother abandoned him at a young age. Jermyn always enjoyed Miss Victorine when he was young and thought him very handsome and never believed his mother abandoned him. Soon Jermyn begins to fall in love with Amy and she confides in him that his uncle will not pay the ransom and come to the conclusion he does want him dead.

They begin to set a plan in motion to prove his uncle has been plotting his murder for years, but things don't go as planned. Prince Rainger also shows up to question Amy about her older sister and where she might be.

I rate the book as a four the beginning and ending were the best, the middle fell flat since I could not get into the characters falling in love it was to quick and no chemistry.

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