Saturday, February 7, 2009

~The Smoke Thief~ by Shana Abe

2. Book that was read and Reviewed in the Fall Challenge

My expectations were very high for this book, the story begins with a quick history of the drakon, then begins with background story of Clarissa and Chrsitoff. The story jumps few years later and we discover that Clarissa now Rue has become a thief, she is no regular thief she has special powers, but unfortunately are only those that are drakon. Now that Christoff is older and has taken the place of his father he along with the council know they need to find this mysterious thief who has the same powers and bring them back before they are discovered, but no one knows who it could be. Once Christoff arrives he is also done in by the thief, but using his special powers he begins to track the thief.

Up onto this point I was really into the story and enjoying it very much, but about midway through the story went downhill, toward the end of the story it again comes alive but only for a few pages. I wanted to give it 2 stars, but again the beginning was great and again dragged me in at the end, so I went for 3. I know so many enjoyed this series, but not sure what I missed but during the middle of the book I had to force myself to pick up and continue.


DeSeRt RoSe said...

Book does not sound very interesting!! I guess I'll consider another series :)
Great review!

DeSeRt RoSe said...

I'm passing by to let you know you have an award waiting, please pick it up here ..

Heather said...

I didn't like this series either. I read this one, never finished the next one, and didn't even bother with the last one.

Anonymous said...

I loved this book and the entire series. I just finished Treasure Keeper and wandered here hoping to find some information on the possiblity of another book. The original books were recommended to be by my sister in law and best friend from college and I have not been disappointed yet.