Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Perfect Wife ~ Victoria Alexander

Sabrina is a widow left alone to raise her daughter Belinda, she gave up her wild past and became a very proper woman obeying all of the society rules to ensure her daughter a good marriage. Belinda becomes engaged to Erik the son of the Earl of Wyldewood. The only problem is Sabrina has no dowry to offer, due bad investments she has been left penniless. Sabrina discovers her husband won a letter that gives the location of gold that was hidden in Egypt, the answer to her money problems. She lets her butler in on her upcoming adventure who has accompanied her in the past, with his help she locates others from her past to assist her. Once her daughter discovers what she is planning she begs her finance to help, he goes to his father the Earl of Wyldwood, Nicolas. When he arrives Sabrina is packed and ready to go he insist she cancel the trip, when she does not he decides to accompany her. Once they sail Sabrina stays in her room, she is worried that he will discover her past and call of the marriage, she decides to stop hiding and deal with him. He tells her that he had her investigated and she would make the “Perfect Wife” for his status, unaware of her wild past. Sabrina decides that maybe marriage to him would guarantee her daughter’s marriage to Erik so she offers to marry him, with the understanding his is only a marriage of convenience, he agrees.

When I opened the book and read the prologue I really was looking forward to this story, but nothing every happened I was so bored reading the book the story was cluttered, the plot was not rewarding I am surprised I finished the book. I did enjoy some the secondary characters the were more enjoyable then the main characters. I read one other book by her and it was much better then this.

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