Tuesday, December 16, 2008

~ 1st in Series Challenge 2009 ~

Read 12 books that are the first in any series. You may read & list your chosen books any time during the year.

I love series books and this will go perfect with the Serial Challenge, and also works with the 2nd's Challenge.

If you enjoy reading books in a series and would like to join click on the photo for more information.

1.The Smoke Theif -Shana Abe
2.Rosamund -Betrice Small
3.One Little Sin -Liz Carlyle
4.WickedThe Widow's Kiss -Jane Feather
5.In the Prince's Bed -Sabrina Jeffries
6.Man of My Dreams -Johanna Lindsey
7.The Duke and I -Julia Quinn
8.When Christ & Saints -Sharon Kay Penman
9.Castles -Julie Garwood
10. Sea Swept -Nora Roberts
11. Undecided
12. Undecided

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