Thursday, November 6, 2008

Montana Debbie Macomber

Molly Cogan single mom of 2 boys Clay and Tom living in CA in the big city was under the stress of her ex-husbands being in jail no child support his trial, her son’s disobedience and then a phone call from a Sam Dakota a foreman on her grandfather’s ranch in MT the Broken Arrow, to tell her his health is bad and has little time.

With no money, Molly decides to sell everything she owns and moves to Montana. When she arrives at the ranch she is shock to see the beloved home she once loved run down. Her grandfather was never the same after her grandmother Molly (who she was named after) died. Her grandfather who also looks bad does not let on anything is wrong with his help.

Molly soon discovers that some things have been damaged on the ranch and the sheriff is pointing fingers at Sam. She is not crazy over Sam anyway but her grandfather and boys adore him. Molly does not believe her grandfather looked into his references enough before he hired him, but he assures her he is a fine man.

In town there is a prostitute named Pearl who is having a private affair with a lawyer Russell, but she unfortunately involved with some shady characters, the same who are also wrecking havoc over at the Broken Arrow.

Molly is shocked when her grandfather insists she marry Sam, he even offers him a type of dowry land and cattle. Molly is furious that he would suggest marriage to a man she barely knows.

Enjoyed the mystery of the story, the storyline between Molly and Sam was lacking in the love department. Pearl and Russell what little was mentioned had a much better love story, enjoyed the twist at the end was not expecting that.

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