Monday, July 16, 2007

Wallflower Series

This is the first book in the Wallflower Series.

Four young girls unite together to become the Wallflowers and organize a husband hunt.

First on the list is Annabelle Peyton she is the oldest the wallflowers unite to help her wed first. Anna as she is called will do anything to help her family since her father's death the family finances are almost gone. To keep her brother in school she will do most anything to find a husband.

Annabell is beautiful, but has no dowry. She has her sights on an eligible bachelor who she plans to snag in a trap with the help of the wallflowers. Things are going as planned until an unfortunate accident occurs. Her plans to capture her future husband are put on hold, but it seems someone is actually out to capture her.

My Review: Three Stars ***

I really enjoyed the story and getting to know the characters, but thought lacking in the passion and romance department. Somedays it was hard to pick up the book to read, I just wanted it to end.

I enjoyed the hero Simon very much but wish she developed him more, I found Annabell more dull and not interesting at all. There was no chemistry between the two, well not from Annabell. Simon was alluring and a mystery.

The secondary characters are interesting I believe she spent some time developing some of the wallflowers and could have spent more time on the hero and heroine; so I am looking forward to following their stories in the remainder of the series.

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